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  • Falling for God: 7 Ways to do Crazy Love

    On Wednesday, October 21 st, 2009
    … humble thanks to Bloom Book Club for the invite to guest blog for the bookclub gathering for chapter six of Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God: “When you fall in Love” — this quiet community warmly welcomes the Bloom Community ! Girl, if you say that boy’s name one more time, I’m opening
  • Table Talk

    On Wednesday, March 11 th, 2009
    We lay ours aside, the words that normally fill our mouths, and sit around the table, slipping our forks under squash from our dirt, meat from our barns, and we offer each other words, living out words of the Psalmist. “God raised the sun today!” Hope grins, lighting. “I don’t hurt anywhere.” Levi looks up
  • How to Experience Actual Presence of God

    On Monday, March 09 th, 2009
    It’s after the service. I’ve talked to the Petersen’s in the foyer, miscellany like the progress of practices for the Easter Cantata, if there’s anything I can do to help serve the meal to students from the Bible college coming this weekend to perform, how school is going for their eight children. We’ve laughed and
  • All’s grace

    On Friday, March 06 th, 2009
    Ugly beautiful: Mismatched socksTub ringBoys’ unmade bedCrow caw in dead Of winter, black on whiteCDs laying naked withNubbied pencils on floorBlisters, more On each hand from rowing milesPine wood planks undertumultuous tummies Beautiful: New snowFirst lightLong hugs at dawnLaundry hanging on drying racks over registersgiggles shaking sheetshand-cupped whispers ticklingearboy gear:elastics, legos, duct tape, plans to
  • Live Ready

    On Wednesday, February 04 th, 2009
    1 Samuel 3:18 So Samuel told him everything, hiding nothing from him. Then Eli said, “He is the LORD; let him do what is good in his eyes.” Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His godly ones. Deuteronomy 32:39 “See now that I myself am He! There is
  • Committing His Word to Heart

    On Thursday, October 02 nd, 2008
    “It was this… intention that made the primitive Christians such eminent instances of piety…. And if you will here stop and ask yourself why you are not pious as the primitive Christians were, your own heart will tell you that it is neither through ignorance nor inability, but purely because you never thoroughly intended it.“
  • Home Education

    On Thursday, June 05 th, 2008
    More on home education… For us, our guideposts through a day: ~Prayer, memorization, Bible Reading, hymn singing ~2 hours a day of Reading –especially before they are five ~Reading Living Books (history, science, geography, literature, poetry, art appreciation) (for lists of living books see here: Ambleside Online, 1000 Good Books, Real Learning Booklist) ~Bluedorn’s Ten
  • Living on Beam Unending

    On Monday, April 14 th, 2008
    There is a patch behind the country church with its split rail fence, there beside the quiet of the woods, where heaven meets earth and I stand there in the early morning still. Clouds, grey and swelling with spring, loll over. Brown leaves, fall’s remnant left behind by winter just gone, lay wet underfoot. Only
  • Memorize

    On Friday, January 04 th, 2008
    “That which is known by heart is what the heart knows.” ~Dennis Lennon Lord, what does my heart know? What do I want it to know? Let me know You, Your Word, by heart…More memorization encouragement….
  • The Lovers’ Text

    On Saturday, October 27 th, 2007
    “Exegisis is loving God enough to stop and listen carefully to what He says. It follows that we bring the leisure and attentiveness of lovers to this text, cherishing every comma and semicolon, relishing the oddness of this preposition, delighting in the surprising placement of this noun. Lovers do not take a quick look, get
  • This Week’s Memorization…

    On Tuesday, September 25 th, 2007
    This week we are putting 1 Jn 3: 9-13 into our hearts, as we cumulatively work our way as a family through the book of 1 John, four verses a week, reviewing also all previously learned chapters and verses… This little girl made us all smile, laugh, rejoice … and spurred us all on. Come
  • What Are you Memorizing?

    On Thursday, April 19 th, 2007
    It was a year ago that our 5-year-old Levi worked on Words of Life. Tonight I sit here with Shalom watching the last of the rose sun disappear in the west, waiting for the van to come home full of children and news: Did Hope and Levi recite this year’s Words of Life, 22 verses
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