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  • when life’s a lid: find the handle {Nature Calendar}

    On Tuesday, May 03 rd, 2011
    When she calls me the first of May with her mayday, with the squalling baby and the stacks of dishes, the sleepless night and the squabbling children, I nod the mother knowing and cradle her cry with what the six and all these years have offered me: God gives green space to the Mamas needing
  • Weekends are for Glory-Gathering

    On Saturday, September 05 th, 2009
    And they were calling to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory.” ~Isa. 6:3 May your weekend wanderings, kind friends, have you gathering up His glory bits… All’s grace, From the archives:Make a Nature Table ::: Inked in Green ::: More Nature Inspiration ::: How
  • Weekends are for Finding Wildflowers

    On Saturday, July 18 th, 2009
    Sweet peas grow in the ditches, buttercups along country roads, and Queen Anne in all her lace presides, regal and white, over summer blooming wild. Weekends are for wandering in the woods, slowing to smell the flowers, untamed and free, bringing home a few for the front porch mason jar, the nature table’s old bottle,
  • The Importance of Nature: How Going for a Walk Restores Your Soul

    On Tuesday, June 09 th, 2009
    We went for a walk in the forest and soothed our tired minds with the rocking of this wide, green world. He led us to quiet waters. And He let this flock with frazzled synapses, weary bones, fatigued souls…. just sit in the green pastures. Just picnic and stare and listen to long frog songs.
  • Weekend Wanderings

    On Saturday, March 14 th, 2009
    It’s been a long week when the dog gets sick, lays on the floor shaking and wretching and the kids all mention that, incidently, that is exactly how you looked twenty four hours before, and maybe you’ve given that thing that wrung you out to poor pooch, and if that’s the case, he looks real
  • Inked in Green: Nature Table

    On Wednesday, November 12 th, 2008
    “God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.” ~Martin Luther So we go out and gather it all up…. and lay it on the old round table a parchment of His grace creation, unfurled to run our fingers across with all its textures and hues
  • Wonders: A Nature Table Gathering

    On Wednesday, October 22 nd, 2008
    A walk in light and sun and wind and blazing world…. and we gather, set the world as the centerpiece in the midst of the stitched scraps, gathered too. And the toadstools, mushrooms, morels, fungi, quiet accordions of shy flesh collected, wait for the naming on snippets of paper, child taking stubby lead to christen
  • Homeschool Potpourri

    On Wednesday, September 03 rd, 2008
    Glimpses of the first day out… sharpened pencils and fresh notebooks and leather pencil cases, ready for the journey… a book collection for nature walks, for if the heaven’s declare, oh, we must get out there…Natural Science through the SeasonsHandbook of Nature StudyThe Burgess Flower Book for ChildrenThe First Book of TreesNational Audubon’s WildflowersGlimpses of
  • Get out into His Nature

    On Saturday, July 26 th, 2008
    If the heaven’s declare… let’s get out there!It’s Saturday.Take a hand and go for a walk. Slow down. Marvel.Worship the Creator of all things. Ideas to combat nature deficit disorder: ~ make Worship Walk dates with other families. After a good hike on a nature trail, gather together to sing hymns of praise around a
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